The Jewellery for Justice Collection was created to support women who have or who are experiencing abuse.

The collections was sparked by the Stanford assault case which gained widespread attention in mid 2016. The case highlighted to me the prevalent rape culture in today’s society as well as the injustice many survivors have to endure in addition to the immense and often lifelong pain from their abuse. And the heartbreaking fact is, many women do not survive their abuse at all.

There was no other option for me other than to do something to help, not only as a woman, but also as a person who believes that everyone has to right to always feel safe.

Each piece in the collection is named after a victim of abuse so that their stories can be heard. Only seven stories are shared through the collection, but no story is more or less worthy of being heard and told than another.

Fifty percent of the cost of each piece sold is donated to an organisation which contributes to ending abuse against women.

Since launching in July 2016, The Jewellery for Justice Collection has raised thousands of dollars for this important cause.

Thank you all so much for your support!

Much love,
Renee xx

Organisations we’ve donated to:
Myer Give Registry
Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
Our Watch
Elizabeth Morgan House
Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia
Share the Dignity
Impact for Women
Never Alone
Safe Steps
Women’s Legal Services Victoria
Mary’s House
The Period Project
Friends With Dignity